Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This semester in English

This semester in English was much better than last semester in my opinion. Although I am not a big fan of poetry and reading stories, I did not mind the ones that we had to read in class. I enjoyed class discussions much more than last semester. In my class nobody ever actually came to class, it was usually the same 5 or 6 people every class. I think it made class more enjoyable though. I felt like I could be more open about certain things with less people here. It is so hard to believe that it is the end of the semester and that today is the last day of class. I am so glad though, and I'm so glad that I am done with English for good. Well hopefully. I feel like just the other day I was starting class in August. I couldn't be more excited that it is over and I am so ready for summer. And also so thankful that this is my last blog!

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